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About Us

Quality, affordable housing

The mission of Seacoast Village, LLC is to provide the best deals on new and preowned homes as well as maintain a highly desirable community for our residents and stakeholders.

Looking Toward The Future

The business owner, Michael Oneglia, saw great potential in the community before purchasing the property in late 2015. Although it took years of hard work and dedication to clean up the community and make it what it is today, the management team shows no sign of slowing down. 

The Seacoast Village team has taken on a myriad of capital-intensive projects, fulfilling its commitment to reinvest in the property. 

These projects include:

Demolition of uninhabitable homes

Rehabilitation of existing lots

Extensive garbage removal in the park

Upgrades to the sewer system

Full replacement of the water system

Landscaping & drainage improvements

Once the existing park is at full capacity with happy and satisfied residents, the team will begin a 31 lot expansion on the vacant land to the south.

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